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bunsbums said: hey lilbun, what piece of advise can you give to a soon2be master? I already have my bun, but she needs to get more into it, like further from the bunny ears, the acting and such. PS: love we bun-loving people r out there.

After developing an understanding of each other’s boundaries and limits you can teach her how to behave how you’d like. If she misbehaves, punish her until she gets it right. Be sure to always reward her when she does what she’s supposed to, so she know’s she doing good. There is nothing wrong with making sure that she knows how to please you exactly how you’d like to be pleased… she is your pet, after all. You’ll both get into it more over time, once you’re more comfortable. Experimenting is part of the excitement. Don’t think too much about what other people are doing in their relationships or question if you’re doing yours right. Just do what feels best for yourself and your little pet bunny. As long as you’re both into it and you remain open in communication about what works and doesn’t work, you should be fine. She should eventually think about things like, “What can I do to be the best pet I can be for my master?”, “How does my master want me to behave?”, etc. and act accordingly to how she thinks you’d be pleased. How she acts depends on you and discussion/understanding.

nerdlove89 said: Not an ask more like praise but I love your page keep up the fantastic work